Ny Svensk National Transportplan 2014 til 2025

More paths to jobs

The Swedish Government has adopted the national transport plan for 2014-2025. The Government's primary objective is full employment. An efficient transport system promotes jobs and growth. The Government is therefore implementing a historic investment in infrastructure to safeguard commuting and the requirements of the business sector for functioning freight routes.

SEK 522 billion will be invested during the period 2014-2025. This is an increase of 20 per cent on the previous plan period. Of the SEK 522 billion, SEK 241 billion is destined for operation and maintenance, of which SEK 155 billion is for roads and SEK 86 billion for railways. SEK 281 billion will be invested in developing infrastructure.

Major investment in operation and maintenance

The Government's investment represents a powerful reinforcement of operation, maintenance and reinvestments, in particular to increase the reliability of the railway system. The investments in railway operation and maintenance will increase by more than SEK 20 billion compared with the previous plan. Since the current government came to power in 2006, the investments have more than doubled in comparable prices. The Government's investment will particularly improve punctuality in major cities and busy routes and increase the level of preventive maintenance. The single most important measures address the central Stockholm bottleneck. The Government is also making considerable investments in road maintenance. These investments are targeted at the busiest roads and other roads of importance for a more reliable road system.

Government grants to private roads remain at historically high levels, so that accessibility is maintained throughout the country.

Major investments to develop the transport system

More than 150 investment projects throughout the country are identified in the national transport plan. The single largest project is a new railway for high-speed trains between Stockholm (Järna) and Linköping (Ostlänken). Railways for high-speed trains are also being built between Gothenburg and Borås (Mölnlycke-Bollebygd). With these investments, the Government is taking a historic step to renew the Swedish railways. Further investments are being made in the expansion of the Malmö-Lund line to four tracks, double tracks on the Västkustbanan, freightcorridors through Skåne and Bergslagen, and the expansion of the Mälarbanan (between Tomteboda and Kallhäll) and the Västlänken. The Government investments will also result in increased traffic flow and safety in the road system through, for example, Förbifart Stockholm and by removing bottlenecks along, for example, the E20 in Västra Götaland, the E22 in Skåne, the E4 in Småland and E10 in Norrbotten.

An agreement with municipalities and county councils makes an expansion of Stockholm's underground railway system possible, with four new lines and 78 000 new homes. An innovative investment in regional super buses is being made in collaboration with Skåne County. The Government's investments also include SEK 3.5 billion to mining-related infrastructure so the mining industry, particularly in Malmfälten and Bergslagen, can continue to contribute to jobs and growth. Shipping is strengthened through investments in routes and connecting infrastructure to major ports.

Investments to improve the environment, health and safety

The Government is investing more than SEK 30 billion in fine-tuning, efficiency and environmental measures. Of which SEK 7.8 billion is used for environmental measures in the existing infrastructure. Examples of fine-tuning, efficiency and environmental measures include noise pollution measures, water catchment protection, reduced barrier effects and measures to encourage more people to cycle and to do so safely. The Government is therefore investing in cycling-related measures such as the construction of 400 kilometres of new cycling paths.

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